Factors affecting positive and negative word of mouth in restaurant industry

In a restaurant industry, word-of-mouth is practically the only way to estimate goods and services. One practically cannot rate the quality of services unless they visit the place or ask their friends who have already been there. Positive and negative word-of-mouth makes a strong impact on the consumers’ choices. That is why marketing experts try to address the negative WOM so that it does not destroy a good face of the company.
Positive word-of-mouth can create a bright image for the company, increase the retention of customers, and improves their experience. Negative WOM certainly has a harmful effect on the product estimation and turns customers away from the business. Word-of-mouth does not refer only to people chatting offline. Social media strongly encourage WOM on their sites.
Positive WOM directly depends on the quality of goods and services. However, clients having a positive customers experience are not as likely to post their comments as those with a negative experience. That is why it is crucial for businesses to timely deal with the negative response of clients on social media.

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