Determinants of consumer buying behavior through mega stores

Shopping in mega stores is a confusing experience for many. Most people got used to supermarkets and shop almost automatically only getting stuck in the checkout lane. But people who rarely purchase products in a superstore get easily overwhelmed by the range of items, a confusing layout, and long shelves with the products they do not need. True, shopping in grand stores is not like dropping in a little country shop to buy a bottle of milk.
Consumers buying behavior in superstores is often chaotic. Finding themselves among long shelves with goods, people forget what they came for and start considering buying anything that is not on the list. People buy on impulse making ill-informed decisions about new products. Shopping in a superstore takes definitely more time than dropping in a shop-around-the-corner. Customers lose track of time in superstores because it is always difficult to come, get anything you want, and go home from there.

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